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MICS is a feel of a family learning centre with 15 students per class in our with playing areas, library and a swimming pool.

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MICS Curriculum

MICS primary runs the Cambridge Primary Programme. This gives MICS the opportunity to teach a broad and balanced curriculum setting. Whilst our English and Maths curricula are developed to enhance not only knowledge, skills and understanding but also build confidence and independence. MICS Primary Division aims to use the best practices from all over the world in teaching.

MICS Primary School Admissions 2021/2022

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The unique MICS features

7+1 Pillars of Learning

Here, our students are asked to study an area of a subject they face challenges in. They in turn prepare themselves to teach a class. In the process, students' fears become admiration, boredom becomes excitement and hatred becomes love. This is one of our innovative features.

Parent / Guardian Involvement

Educating a child is a collective responsibility. At MICS we encourage all our parents and guardians to be active members of our community. We occasionally ask you the parent to be active participants by joining in some of our classes and learn alongside your ward.

Pastoral Care

Our students being part of the big MICS family ensures love, care and nurturing. MICS sticks by its mission to ensure a welcoming, supportive and safe environment for all.

Global mindedness

Our IPC gives opportunities to explore aspects of the students' environment and comparing them to other locations around the world.


MICS has a tradition of learning through technology. MICS has introduced the latest multimedia projector, which enables the wall to become a place of learning through the use of apps, Apple TV, and IPads.

Entrepreneurial Leadership

In this dynamic 21st century, children are more challenged to think and act independently. Consequently MICS offers students the required platform to engage themselves in creative and innovative thinking, without omitting logical, critical and philosophical thinking required in everyday activities.

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