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Morgan International Community School aspires to be a globally renowned centre for innovative international education.

The centre shall be a school community that nurtures an environment of intellectual vitality. A commitment to excellence, coupled with continuous improvement, will result in MICS being recognized internationally as an innovative, dynamic, and exciting community in which to learn, teach, grow and work for the good of our world.


By assuring a welcoming, supportive and safe environment, the school fosters love for excellent learning that encourages the development of talents, skills, knowledge and creativity.

We will do this through a critical thinking training process in core academic subjects and co-curricular activities by providing students with the path towards confidence, courage, self-discipline and integrity. We will also ensure that teaching faculty, although of diverse origins, will be all treated fairly and equally in terms of remuneration and benefits in order to keep a strong commitment of local and foreign towards the school.


Excellentia, Innovatio, Integritas
Excellence, Innovation and Integrity

The motto reflects not only our institutional commitment to continuous improvement, but our belief that all students can achieve their highest potential through challenge, hard work, and faculty support.