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The school publishes a regular newsletter for all parents. The purpose of the newsletter is to keep the entire school community informed of school activities. If parents have any announcements to make regarding students’ achievements outside of school, the school is happy to include them - the deadline for submission is the Friday prior to the week when the newsletter will be published

Newsletters will be made available online.



Regular internal assessment and reporting plays a major role in the students’ development. Teachers are responsible for structuring varied and valid assessment tasks (including tests and examinations). These include open-ended problem-solving activities and investigations, organized debates, hands-on experimentation, and tasks that involve analysis and reflection. Since the student is at the centre of all learning, great emphasis is placed on self-assessment and peer-assessment.


Student progress is reported in a variety of ways throughout the academic year.

There are four written reports (approximately every 9 weeks) sent to parents during the course of the school year. Reports are normally distributed during the months of October, January, March and June.

Secondary parents are invited to parent conferences three times per year. Students are strongly encouraged to attend the conferences and should play an active part in the conversations that take place between their parents and their teachers.

If a parent wishes a formal conference concerning a student’s progress outside of the periodic conferences scheduled by the school, we request that an appointment be made at a mutually convenient time. Appointments can be made through the school office or directly with the teacher concerned.


Parents are requested to channel questions regarding their children’s learning to the class or subject teacher in the first instance. If, after complete consultation with the teacher/s involved, a parent still wishes the matter to be addressed by the Head of Department or a member of the management team, a complete review of the situation will be undertaken.


The school believes that the best student learning is achieved by developing a home-school partnership. Parents are therefore encouraged to attend information evenings and social events. Teachers participate in these events and also make direct contact with parents when there are concerns to be shared.


The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is open to all parents, members of staff and well-wishers of the School.

The Association’s dual objectives are:

to raise funds for the School for the purchase of “extras” not covered by school fees; and

to organise social events to ‘build community’ amongst parents, teachers & students

Any parent wishing to join the PTA is welcome to attend any of the meetings, which are advertised in the school’s newsletter.




The right to non-discrimination on the basis of race, religion, colour, national origin, political affiliation, gender or disability;

The right to be respected - for their views, opinions, perspectives or ideologies;

The right to equal opportunities;

The right to be able to express themselves and to have ‘a voice’ – student representatives are democratically elected to a Student Representative Council that brings student opinions about everyday matters in the life of the school to the attention of the School Management in a responsible and legitimate way;

The right to be safe - from physical harm, corporal discipline, intimidation, bullying or harassment.

Morgan International Community School also recognizes, however, that a student is entitled to exercise his or her rights only in so far as, by doing so, the student does not interfere with the rights of others.

‘Liberty is being able to do whatever does not harm others.’ - Declaration of Rights of Man (1789)

Therefore, in order to safeguard the rights of all students, it is necessary to outline a number of expectations that will guide student behaviour and, in particular, their interactions with others in order to ensure that the rights of all members of the Morgan International Community can be protected.



Students are expected to:

attend all lessons and other activities that are scheduled on their timetables;

attend all afternoon activities for which they have signed up, and to attend all sessions for their selected activities throughout the term;

be punctual for all lessons and activities;

come to lessons with the books that have been issued, and the stationary items, files, etc needed to fully participate in the lessons;

involve themselves in the learning activities provided in the lessons that they attend and their behaviour during lessons and activities is expected to reflect an appropriate level of maturity and responsibility;

to complete classroom and homework assignments.



are expected to follow the school’s dress code;

are not restricted in their choice of hairstyle; however, hair that is longer than shoulder length should be tied back for all lessons that take place in a laboratory/the technology room and for all physical education lessons;

are not encouraged to wear make-up to school and those who do so will be asked to remove it before entering the swimming pool;

may not wear nail polish to school;

may wear only stud or small earrings – one in each ear, for safety reasons. Facial piercings are strictly limited to one small stud-ring in the nose. Students are expected to remove all piercings when they participate in P.E. lessons, sport activities or any other activity where the supervisor of the activity deems it necessary or safer for them to do so.