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In keeping with Morgan International Community School - MICS' mission by assuring a welcoming, supportive and safe environment, the school is keen about student's participation in after school activities outside the academic arena. There is great excitement each academic year since MICS opened and students are constantly motivated to trying something new. Currently, students sign up for activities in school upon reporting after semester break but in the near future students will be required to sign up via the parent's/student's portal before reporting on campus.

CCAs at MICS give students a terrific opportunity to receive expert coaching in their chosen activity and at present, most chosen activities are led and coached by permanent staff. However, experts are brought in to assist in specific areas of needs. MICS students and staff sometimes travel off campus to participate and compete in their favourite activity or game which is recognised and approved by both the school Boards and International Boards.

Activities are grouped into areas of; Sports, Creative Art, ICT, Music and Performing Art. Some activities are chosen on a short time basis (to let them search for and try on something new while others require the whole academic year if the student desire to stick to it.

Participating in CCAs at MICS enables students to spend a fraction of their time on campus with others from different grade levels as they share their perspectives and learn ways of adapting to other attributes in life.

Physical Education is a mandated curricular program for Grades 7-10 students. Therefore, it is compulsory for these students to take an active and participatory role in physical education. Students will not be excused from PE classes for reasons of religion, fasting or poor health. Students who are temporarily unable to participate for medical reasons are required to bring a medical excuse signed by a doctor and given to the Deputy Head who with the teacher will determine alternate activities for the student in order to receive credit for PE. Make-up for PE classes will be arranged between the student and teacher, if applicable.

MICS has a PE uniform which students must purchase and wear during PE classes. Students are expected to wear appropriate shoes. Swimming is taught in all PE classes. When swimming is planned students must bring swimming attire and wear the school swim cap.

CCAs Available at MIC

For the school to make sure students find fulfilment across the range of ECAs, the activities listed below are currently provided on campus with staff leading and coaching students.

Creative Art & ICT: Painting, Imaginative drawing, Photography. Music & Performing Art: Orchestra, Choir, Brass Band, Drama production, Contemporary dance. Competitive & Recreation Sports: Basketball, Badminton, Football, Handball, Swimming, Tennis, Table tennis, Volleyball and Track & Field Athletics.

Some paid activities which go with assessment and promotion as well as placement are:

Karate or Judo

Student are given costumes to practice and learn with.