024 463 0133 / 020 641 2859 / 053 410 1216

What are the fees?

Fees vary from programme to programme and the time of entry. Please contact the admissions office for further information.

What is the priorities for admissions?

At MICS we are dedicated to providing appropriate education for all who will benefit from our school. Therefore, every child is assessed not only on their academic achievements but also their ability to grow.

How do I contact the Admissions office?

    PO Box 63
    Agona Swedru
    Central Region, Ghana
    (+233) 0501353085
    (+233) 56767600/1

Which Grade will my ward be in?

Mostly students are placed in an age appropriate grade. Age appropriate placements provide greater emotional, social and academic stability. However, secondary students come with a variety of backgrounds and experiences, grade levels based on age, previous school reports, interviews and discussions with parents and guardians. The final decision will come from the admissions office.

Age appropriate grades are as follows:

    Grade 6- 11 on first day of academic year
    Grade 7- 12 on first day of academic year
    Grade 8- 13 on first day of academic year
    Grade 9- 14 on first day of academic year
    Grade 10- 15 on first day of academic year
    Grade 11- 16 on first day of academic year
    Grade 12- 17 on first day of academic year

Where is the campus?

The campus is situated 6km outside of Swedru, just off the Winneba / Swedru road. If driving from Winneba, look for the town with two church spires, this is Ekwamkrom. On entering into the town, you will see a big MICS sign board turn left, follow the road until you reach the end. MICS can also be located in East Legon, near Emmanuel Eye Clinic.

How will I know if my ward is accepted?

Once your ward has completed the entrance exam and your ward is accepted you will receive an offer letter from MICS. You should receive this by mail within the week.

Can I apply online?

Yes, but we always advise that you speak to a member of the admissions team before completing the form.