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Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) helps students to think globally whiles acting locally.

At the heart of the IB philosophy, Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) is a compulsory component of the IB Diploma course. It recognizes the importance of life outside the world of scholarship, providing a refreshing counterbalance to academic studies. By fulfilling the CAS component, IB students are able to present to university admissions tutors a truly rounded CV.

What does it involve?

IB students must take part in activities under the three strands of CAS:

Creativity - Any experience that involves creative learning and thinking, for example Art, Music or Drama. Activity - Physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle, complementing academic work elsewhere in the Diploma Programme. Service - An unpaid and voluntary exchange that has a learning benefit for the student.

Pupils must take part in at least two activities under each strand and at least one group project that expands beyond one month and meets more than one strand, and prove that they are participating in CAS activities weekly.

Student development

CAS seeks to achieve demonstrable development in pupils. To ensure this, students' individual CAS programmes should involve real, purposeful activities with significant outcomes. Tasks must extend the student and involve thoughtful consideration such as planning and reviewing. Reflection on outcomes achieved and personal learning must take place.


Over the two years, students need to show evidence that they have achieved all seven of a set of outcomes which includes: increased awareness of their own strengths and areas for growth; undertaking new challenges; planning and initiating activities, worked collaboratively with others; show they have considered the ethical implications of their actions; demonstrate commitment and perseverance as well as global engagement.

Examples of CAS activities

At MICS, in recent times our IB students have taken part in a range of activities as part of CAS.

Teaching Aide @ the Manso Primary School
Creating Awareness
Helping in local Charity shops
Taking up a new musical instrument
0rganising a Christmas concert and a bake sale to raise funds for charity
Renovation of Gomoa Manso primary school block
Construction of clinic facility at Gomoa Manso
Soap making project to raise funds
Car washing project to raise funds
Helping teach languages to non-native speakers in local schools
Helping to set up Aerobics club
Using broken tiles to make a wall mural