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All students who apply for admission to MICS must demonstrate through entrance assessments and/or previous school records that they can benefit from the educational programmes offered. MICS may contact an applicant’s previous school should further information be necessary in order to process admission.

In addition to meeting admission criteria in relation to suitability to benefit from the academic programmes offered, students must meet the English language requirements for the year level into which admission is sought. Where English is a second language, the school must be sure that the student will be able, through available English as an Additional Language (EAL) support, to access the curriculum.

Where students have existing special needs, it is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to fully disclose the nature and extent of these needs at the time of admission, and to provide all relevant documentary evidence. The school reserves the right to determine, prior to admission, whether a student’s need for additional support can be met by available Student Support Services (SSS) programmes. Where the school determines that it is not in a position to offer the required level or nature of support, admission will not be offered.

Conditional Placement may be offered in circumstances where the school deems this necessary. In such instances, regular, periodic reviews will be held to reassess the student’s admission status.

Where a student has been admitted to the school with an identified need for additional support – learning support, EAL support or guidance support – additional fees may be charged to the parent/guardian.

To seek admission to Morgan International Community School parents need to complete and provide for each child:

Admissions Checklist

APPLICATION FEE (We require a non-refundable fee of US$200.00 to process your application).

APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION FORM (Please complete this form, sign it and return it to the Admission Office).

CONFIDENTIAL SCHOOL REPORT FORM (This form is to be completed by a designated official from your child's current/previous school).


MEDICAL FORMS (These include medical authorization, immunization, health information and examination forms).

ENROLLMENT CONTRACT (This form is a signed agreement between the parents and MICS; the original must be returned to the Admission Office).

A COPY OF STUDENT'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE OR PASSPORT PAGE (i.e., the photograph identification page), AND TWO PASSPORT-SIZED PHOTOGRAPHS. *for full explanation, please see our Admission Information and application forms booklet.

A student wishing to enrol in the secondary school must meet the following additional requirements:

Successful completion of the preceding year or its equivalent in another recognised educational institution;

A general fit within the recognised age-group for the intended year of study (see table);

A previous school record free from behavioural or discipline problems; and

Where a student has English as a second language, enrolment will be dependent on their ability to access the curriculum, with reasonable EAL support.

Where any of the above requirements are not fully met, the school may, at the Head of School’s discretion, admit a student on a conditional placement, subject to review as outlined above.

Admission to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is subject to previous examination results and/or school reports, as well as admission criteria as stipulated by the IBO.

A student who has received schooling equivalent to the highest year at MICS from another educational institution is not eligible for admission to MICS. A MICS student who has completed two years in the IB Diploma Programme may enrol for a further, final year in order to complete graduation requirements.

By applying for a place at Morgan International Community School parents authorize the school’s Admissions Office to contact the applicant’s previous schools to clarify questions relating to academic achievement, behaviour and special needs, and to confirm that the applicant was in good financial standing at the time of departure.


The school year runs from August to June. Student placement in Year levels is based on the age of the student on December 31st of the preceding year. This means, for example, that students commencing in IGCSE (Grade 9) are 14 (fourteen years old) when they begin school. Students beginning the IBDP at IB1 are 16 (Sixteen) years old when they begin high school.



A non-refundable application fee of US$200.00 is charged at the time of submitting an application for admission. Applications will not be processed without this fee.


When an application is accepted for enrollment, a registration fee is required in the amount of US$3000.00. This is a one-time non-refundable fee that will be used throughout the student's enrollment at MICS for building construction/renovation and capital replacement.


A reservation fee of US$1000.00 will be required of parents of continuing students to reserve a place for the next academic year. This amount will be applied to tuition fees for the first semester of the next school year and are payable by April of the preceding year.

Fees for International Curriculum


International Curriculum Handbook


Fees for National Curriculum


National Curriculum Handbook



Proof of a bank transfer must be provided at the time of transfer. Bank charges relating to transfers will be borne by the parent making the transfer. Students will not be allowed to attend classes if tuition is not paid by stated deadlines unless other acceptable arrangements in writing are made with the school. Cheques returned for not sufficient funds will attract a penalty of US$100.00.


Please note that all applications for refund of fees must be addressed in writing to the Head of School and will be considered only on the basis of a partial refund of 50% of the term fee with notice given before the opening day of term and where withdrawal takes place before or at mid-term break. No refund will be considered in any other circumstances.


MICS shall maintain student support services programmes within the school for those students requiring moderate levels of additional support. The student support services provided are designed to enable a student with such additional needs to function effectively and with increasing levels of independence within his or her class.


Examination fees will be invoiced for students sitting the IGCSE and IB Diploma examinations. Students will not be allowed to sit for their examinations if these fees have not been fully paid before commencement of the examination session.


Parents of students who are registered for our external examinations are responsible for the following fees:

Payment policies

All examination fees have to be paid by the dates stated on invoices issued – if not; students will not be allowed to sit for the examinations.

It is the policy of the school to withhold reports, examination results and certificates until all accounts have been settled.


A term’s notice in writing should be submitted to the school. The last anticipated date of attendance at school should be stated. To release final reports and other documentation, clearance will be needed from teachers and the librarian indicating that all books have been returned. The finance office will also need to confirm that all fees have been settled.

Failure to provide adequate notice will result in the withholding of documents until all outstanding fees are paid.


At Morgan International Community School students are provided with the best environment to support their needs and the opportunities to make lifelong friendships with students from diverse backgrounds.

When a young person enters boarding school, the change in environment is both an excitement and a stress. Adjustments are needed in many ways – nutritional (new foods), social (new friends), physical (new environment), and emotional (new way of life).

At MICS, we make sure that all students will adjust to their new environment safely, smoothly and successfully.

This starts with assessments, right from the admission stage, of the boarding students' characteristics and their academic, social, emotional and physical needs. Guided by the assessment results, our guidance and residence staff tailors the students' room placement, residence services and residence programs to their needs. Regular follow-ups are done by our staff to ensure that students are adjusting successfully, and modifications are made as required.

Through our boarding programs, our students of all ages are guided into successful independent living, and learn to understand and accept each other, while living with their peers from other nationalities.