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Excursions are not compulsory and students wishing to remain in the hostels are welcome to do so but must notify their House Tutors. School uniforms must be worn on all excursions and a manifest must be filled in and signed by a House Tutor. Students must report to their House Tutor immediately upon return from the excursion so that the manifest can be completed and signed.

General Excursions

General excursions are given on Saturdays twice in the first semester and thrice in the second semester as specified by the school calendar. Students in consultation with their parents/guardians may choose to return on the same day or stay overnight and return the following day. IB students may, at the discretion of the House Tutor, be granted two extra excursions per semester. Students who go on an excursion must return to the hostels by 5:30 p.m. and be present at dinner. Prefects and SRC executives may take an Excursion every Saturday and are entitled to one Weekend excursion per semester.

Special Excursions

The Senior House Tutor may give students permission to go out on a weekday or any other day, if there are special circumstances or adequate reasons.


Educational trips are a regular feature, with Secondary students making extensive use of the local area for curriculum-related trips. By this means the international curriculum is embedded firmly in the local context and valuable lessons are learned about the host country.

Overseas trips are also organised from time to time, for academic, cultural and sporting visits.