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On behalf of our Students, Parents and Guardians, as well as our Faculty, Management and Staff here at Morgan International Community School (MICS), I say Akwaaba, welcome home.

On this journey to a successful life, we anticipate some bumps and rough edges on the road to the unknown world. However, with determination and courage, we are hopeful to achieve our desired goals and aspirations with the barest minimum of challenges.

In order that we can achieve our desired goals, we employ methodology that enable our students to become more creative and innovative to meet the dynamics of the world. They are: instructional, facilitation, project-based learning, individual learning, group learning, peer learning, student led learning. In addition, we invite parents and guardians to visit our classes in session to have a feel of what really goes on in our class room environment. The methodology herein known as "MICS 7+1 Pillars of Teaching and Learning" are used to enrich the knowledge, and shape the skills of our Students. Through the use of these tools, Students become more creative and innovative. They are encouraged to bring the best out of them because the platform of learning becomes more participatory, engaging and motivating. Consequently, learning becomes enjoyable and desire to "want more" as against making learning fearful and monotonous. In addition to making learning fun, MICS set a high standard in teaching and learning, without compromising on quality. We also work with our Students, Parents and Guardians to close any emerging gap in order that we can together, unleash the innate talents in our Students. In doing so, we apply a second model we have entitled, Collaborative learning model, which is relational. That means, it provides a feedback to each entity, enabling any gap to be dealt with almost immediately and at the same time making learning process interconnected.


On top of the pyramid of the Triangle is our Students. They are our focal point and therefore our anticipation is to work with them to achieve the highest level of all the needed skills and knowledge they possibly can acquire. Our learning methodology is an inclusion of various talents and experiences from within and outside the School. The view is that an all-inclusive learning process helps to solidify the knowledge base of our Students to meet the dynamic educational trajectory in our World today.

Our Parents and Guardians are our Foundation and resource based, providing all the experiences and wisdom to unearth the talents in our Students. The Parents and Guardians are key because we believe they know their Children best and therefore collaborating with them enable us achieve the best for our Students. Unlike other Schools, we encourage our Parents and Guardians to visit our classes and participate in learning on particular day/s in the Semester agreed between management and the Parents. This gives Parents and Guardians the opportunity to give feedback and consequently contribute to make our pedagogy comprehensive.

Our Teachers are pillars on which our Students lean to achieve the most out of their life at MICS. They provide the needed facilitation, best pedagogy and professionalism in ensuring that our Students educational career is unmatched. Indeed, our Teachers are the Torchlights paving way for our students to see through the dark to enable them make adequate amount of inquiry to maximise their understanding in all facets of learning. Consequently, our Collaborative Learning Model gives us the ability to achieve the highest or almost unimaginable aspirations and goals for our Students.

At MICS, we imbibe our Students with ethical leadership qualities, entrepreneurial skills, advanced technological know-how, the spirit of Pan-Africanism which together help move the future of Africa to the next level of socio-cultural, religious, economic and political heights. Further, we take keen interest in global mindedness in education because it provides openings to empower our Students to be globally mindful in education to become tomorrows' real world leaders.

We also take cognisance of the dynamic and challenging world that presents itself in today educational environment. In view of this, we encourage our Students to craft their own learning strategy; by identifying their own challenges and finding ways and means to overcome them. Through these experiential curve, our students are adequately equipped with learning tools that would enable them to deal with challenging situations that may confront them in real life situations.

Here at MICS, we prepare our Students to become self-conscious of themselves in everything they do; to think independently, see themselves as frontiers who go beyond boundaries, Leaders who uses analytical tools to solve complex problems, and as movers and shakers of critical situations in variety of ways. Due to varied degree of cultural, religious and ethnic diversities in the World, MICS provides an enabling environment for our Students to live freely with little or no interferences in their personal beliefs and practices while at the same time creating a platform to appreciate each and every one worldview.

With this and many more opportunities available to your Ward here at Morgan International Community School, I encourage you to take an immediate step to bring your Ward and give him or her the one-time life opportunity to come and experience the very best of the best in education that makes meaning to the realities of today's world.

Rev. Obed Danquah
Founder, Morgan International Community School.