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Morgan International Community School, established in the year 2013 has chalked a lot of success; from academic to community services, raising generational thinkers for world development. Since its inception, the school envisioned to be the school of excellence, Morgan International Community School (MICS) has not relented in its effort to achieve greater heights in academics, talent development, and impartation of entrepreneurial leadership into its students. To this, many MICS students have had excellent scholarships abroad, specifically, the United States of America, Canada, and Europe, where students are jumped by one more semester as a result of their excellent academic performance.

In 2022, the board of directors of MICS sees it imperative to introduce the National Curriculum of the Ministry of Education; Basic Education Certificate Examination (B.E.C.E), and West Africa Secondary School Certificates Examination (WASSCE). This decision was born out of the vision of the school i.e., aspires to be a globally renowned center for innovative international education. MICS has decided to extend its enriched skills in teaching and learning, enabling environment, facilities, staff with rich experience to deliver the National Curriculum.


It is important to note that the global changes require every nation to partly contextualize its education to improve the academic and general knowledge of its citizens. And since Ghana Education Services has recently introduced a new syllabus, MICS finds it timely to partner its educational excellence with the National system.


In addition to the approved syllabus by GES, MICS finds it adequately relevant to enrich the knowledge of the students by introducing key co-curriculum activities which are missing in the standard educational settings in Ghana as far as technology is concerned. Our students will be trained in software development, network engineering, database management, etc. This would enable our students to be more creative and innovative. There will also be regular workshops for students to practice entrepreneurship and leadership pursuits on campus. Some of these endeavours have been tested and proven with our international students some of whom are scaling up in their areas of discipline particularly abroad.

Exchange Program

It is a culture of MICS to send our students abroad to learn from what other institutions do and provide our own understanding of education while we also learn from others. Some of these exchange programs have been incredibly exciting, refreshing, and life-changing to many of our students. It is worthy of note that MICS will partake in National programs such as quizzes, debates, sports, etc. Visitation of National schools to share ideas will enable our students to think globally and outside the box. Because we see that life does not end with learning in one’s own surroundings but extending knowledge to other parts for knowledge enrichment.

Our Programs

We currently have three main programs, vis a viz; Primary, JHS and SHS.

With regard to Our SHS, we currently offer;

1. Home Economics
2. General Arts
3. Business
4. General Science and
5. Visual Arts

Our Teaching Staff

MICS stands tall under this subject. We have professionals who come with rich experience in teaching and learning. Their training from the international community is an added advantage for learners in the national system since the current national curriculum party leverages the pedagogy of the international system. Our teachers are more qualified to teach all the programs with all enthusiasm.

Our Facilities

We have spacious dormitories hosting a maximum of six (6) students in a room with washrooms and fans. Also, laundry services allow students comfortable rest and a greater focus on their studies. To facilitate academic work, well-resourced science laboratories, IT labs, and a library as well as Arts department and Home Economic department. Spacious classrooms with a maximum of twenty-five (25) students. Students with special learning needs are supported by a well dedicated learning support department.

Health & Wellbeing

A qualified Clinical Psychologist as a retainer of the school and a team of emotional counselors are always on standby to provide services to our learners. The health of our learners is paramount to us as a school. We have an infirmary that takes care of the health needs of our learners with 24 – hour attendance by qualified and registered nurses. There is also a stand–by Medical Doctor we refer cases should the need arise at Trauma and Specialist Hospital at Winneba.

Sports Activities

Sporting facilities like Volleyball, Tennis, Badminton, and Basketball courts, a standard size football field, and an upcoming swimming pool. All these ensure a balanced and holistic program at MICS.

Natural Endowment

MICS is located at Gomoa Manso, near Agona Swedru encamped with farmlands and natural serenity that encourages and inspires teaching and learning. The Low wavelength colors of the greenish environment in which MICS is located, promote restfulness and calm, and they improve effectiveness and concentration in teaching and learning. It also provides adequate security for our children since we are located at the tail end of the township with our 24-hour security cameras, trained adequate security personnel. Both our International head of School and our national head of school reside on the premises.

Our National Head of School

MICS could not have asked for more or chosen any less. Our National Head of School is in the person of Ms. Cecilia Adzo Wofesor. She is a renowned educationist enriched in the National curriculum and has been a key contributor to education in Ghana. She was a former teacher at Wesley Girls High School in Cape Coast for many years, before her appointment as the first Headmistress of Fettehman Senior High School and later to Abakrampa Senior High/ Technical School. She was the Chairperson for Heads of Government Assisted Secondary Schools (CHASS) in the Central Region. She also serves on the University of Cape Coast Council as well as being a member of the Audit Committee of the University of Cape Coast. Ms. Cecilia Adzo Wofesor brings with her varying degree of experience, energy, and drive. Her personal vision is to “Make a learner relevant in the world of education” as a one-time sports teacher, she sees health and safety as pivotal in children learning environment as well as their personal development.

Admission Fees for National Curriculum