A day at MICS:

The student life at MICS starts at 5:00am when students are expected to be out of bed and getting prepared for school.


Breakfast is served at 7:15am. All students are expected to have breakfast before lessons starts. Food is prepared by a very competent and qualified chef and his team who are well vest in the nutritional needs of the students.

School Starts:

Lessons commence at exactly 7:45am and students are expected to be in their various classrooms before lessons begin.

Snack break:

There is a Tuck shop set up by the school to serve students with snacks of their choice. The tuck shop is opened at 10:15am to 11:45am. All students must attend snack break


Student are served lunch at 12:15pm.

After School:

All Lessons end at 3:50pm.

Snack break 2:

The school boast of various sports and recreational facilities to help student build their physical and mental strength. Students can partake in the various activities led by teachers and physical trainers who guide and train them.


Dinner is served to all students at 6:15pm. Every student is expected to attend.

Evening Studies:

All students are to attend evening studies to help prepare their minds for the next day's lessons. Evening studies starts at 7:00pm and ends at 8:30pm.

Tea time:

The school's kitchen serves tea or chocolate drink to the student at 8:40 making sure no student goes to bed on an empty stomach.

Bed time:

Students are expected to retire to their beds at exactly 9:30pm. The school has employed wardens who are stationed in and around the various dormitories to help in the security and compliance of students.

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