The well being and safety of every member in this community is paramount. Teachers make sure to give as much support to students in and out of the classroom as possible. Students are also advised to listen to, and be obedient to their teachers to enable them benefit from their education. In addition, students are supposed to be each other's keeper.


Everyone in this community has a mission and an aspiration here at MICS and beyond. Students are given the necessary and appropriate assurance by other members of the community so that they can sail through the potentially difficult times in their academic pursuits. In addition, students are given the assurance and nurturance that success comes relatively easily when time and effort are fully committed to an achievable goal.


To become an excellent leader, one must challenge the status quo, be it academic or social. Our students are given all the opportunities available to allow them to grow their entrepreneurial mindset and to become analytical thinkers, thereby enabling their minds to transcend beyond borders and become risk takers.


Respect is a two-way affair. Both students and members of staff exhibit responsible and respectful behaviuor towards all members of the community. Students are expected to respect and recognize authority. Teachers and other members of staff must act as role models. Respect to one's culture and religion is critical to our mutual understanding and togetherness. A community without respect and unity is muddled with indiscipline and negativity. MICS is a community founded on respect for everyone.


Members of the MICS community encourage one another. Students need more encouragement to be able to climb to the top of the academic ladder. Encouragement is a tool that helps us to cope with hardship and challenges. At MICS, teachers and other staff are entreated to positively encourage all students to help them achieve success.


Discipline is key to instilling order in a community. self-awareness and a well-structured system in a community aims to reduce the potential or unacceptable behaviours in order to avoid the need for punitive discipline.