MICS offers IGCSE by CIE which is the world's largest provider of international education programmes and qualifications for learners aged 14 to 16.

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Adwoa Nyarko Brobbey


Learning at MICS has improved my confidence amonst my peers.
it has given me a whole new educational experience. With its facilities
and teaching modules, my academic improvement has been tremendous.

Leonard Anyanwu


IGCSE education at MICS has made me have a great
educational experience that will definately make me
a successfu person in future.

Matthew Willaims


Education at MICS has given me an open-minded approach to my lifestyle.
My time management and self organisation has improved.
MICS 7+1 teaching and learning method is the most effective
way of learning which gives you confidence and courage to tackle subjects
which are not familiar to students.